Fuchsia Cottage Holidays
We have built a Shepherds Hut in one of our fields in Lowertown.
It about two minutes walk to the nearest beach, Five minutes to the Sevenstones Pub and the Karma Hotel.
The Shepherds hut is south facing and is in a very secluded position.
Where shoulod we put it 22/11/2021
Somehere in there
What There ?
That`s better, cleared.
Huts arrive on the landing craft.
Only one is ours. 04/05/2022
First load off the beach
And more
And more
See our accommodation page for details
Wheels and axles painted and fixed to the base. 07/05/2022
The frame goes up. 08/05/2022
We have a ceiling but no roof yet. 09/05/2022
Two end and the back clad. Waiting on more nails to complete the front. 21/05/2022
At last got it weather proof
Looking better. 10/06/2022
Just about done. Small decking
and some tempoary artificial grass

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Shepherds Hut
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