Elijah Gillicombe curled himself into a ball of self preservation, his arms thrown protectively over his head. He tried hard to stifle a scream that threaten to burst from his lips as the tall hairy creature hit him again and again.  The last strike sent him bowling over backwards his tall hat flew across the floor.  Elijah closed his eyes, a green light encircled him sapping his energy and stopping his magic working. He concentrated fighting the weariness that was fogging his mind.
‘Millicent I need you’ he held the thought, gathered the last of his strength and with a mental nudge sent it spinning through the atmosphere.
14 year old Millicent muttered in her sleep and rolled over, a second later she woke with a gasp and sat up in bed.  ‘Dad!’ she yelled rubbed her eyes and lent her head sideways listening, was it a dream.
The voice in her head came again clearer this time, she hadn’t dreamt it. 
‘Millicent I need you.’
‘Dad, where are you?’ she shouted the thought back to him.
Elijah laid still and pretended to be unconscious, his heart pounding as Millicent’s words vibrated in his head.  The creature kicked him hard in the side, Elijah gritted his teeth as ribs cracked but didn’t move, it pulled its foot back to
repeat the action then changed its mind. With an impatience growl it shuffled over to its fat ugly companion. ‘He’s unconscious no point in continuing.’ 
His fat companion ignored him and continued his rummaging through cupboards, knocking things flying onto the floor in his haste.  He spied a large ornate box hidden under a cloth on the table he dragged it towards him.
‘I’m in charge give it to me.’ The tall creature reached out to snatch it.
His companion scowled and hissed under his breath but relinquished his hold.
He struggled with the lid banging it franticly on the edge of the table eventually the hinge broke and it sprung open to display a large book wedged
tightly  inside.   
          Elijah opened one eye a fraction their backs were towards him now engrossed in the task of getting the book out of the box, now was his chance. He took a deep breath and winced, his ribs hurt and he was weak he needed more energy to summon Millicent’s help. He laid back and thought for a moment if he held the tiny pin Millicent had given him for his birthday it should increase his power. He reached up under his collar and pulled it free, held it in his palm and focused.
Millicent sat in the middle of her bed, cross legged, hands on knees, and waited.  The winter wind whistled through the gap round the old window, she