A pair of beady eyes stared at the globe, mesmerised by the steady rotation glimpsed intermittently amongst the thick curtain of cobwebs.  A spotlight shone down and encircled the globe in a halo of light, a faint click disturbed the silence and the door opened.
‘Ahhhh’ the sound escaped involuntarily as a cobweb brushed her cheek.  She cringed back and leant against the cupboard door, her legs paralysed. 
The spider, its concentration broken, ran to the edge of its web and peered down at her.  The web rocked as it flexed eight long hairy legs, the light reflected off its jet black eyes.
‘DANIEL!!!!’  The scream vibrated in her head as it bounced back from the dark shadows of the cupboard. Petrified she edged backwards; the long flapping apron she wore over her skirt caught on the door handle and trapped her. Panic welled up, she tried to yank it off but the pocket had twisted round the knob.  With eyes glued on the spider she wrenched at the fabric a rip sounded and the stitches gave, she flew backwards through the doorway her large backside hit the bedroom floor with a resounding flop.
‘Can we do something else after we try this? ’ Tom was asking when the scream rumbled down the stairs and drowned his words.  Daniel stopped dead a look of horror on his face and Tom bumped into him.
‘What did you stop for?’ Tom asked rubbing the elbow he’d banged on the wall.
‘Didn’t you hear that?  My mum’s looked in the cupboard, take this.’ Daniel flung the rusty tin he held into Tom’s hands and took the rest of the stairs three at a time.  The book under his arm slipped and he shoved it up his jumper.  
His friend Tom who was small and plump puffed as he tried to keep up, he wished he hadn’t eaten that third sausage roll at lunchtime. 
Daniel thought of his project as he raced up the stairs, he hoped his mother hadn’t damaged it.  For a month he had painstakingly followed the instructions from his grandfather’s old book, he’d only needed one item to make the thing work.  He had only popped down to the shed for a moment to rummage amongst his grandfather’s old belongings for the last item. 
Daniel cursed himself; he’d only gone to the shed for a few minutes to rummage amongst he grandfathers old belongings, why did he leave his door open.  He arrived at his bedroom gasping for breath and stared in dismay at his mother, spread eagled on the floor the hoover wedged underneath her.